The Babyccino x The Reunion Pop Up

Last weekend was exhausting and yet so much fun! For the first time ever, we co-hosted an event in my very own little town – Paris.

The French brands we worked with knocked it out of the park. It was so great meeting local shoppers and brands and seeing all that was going on in the local kids scene. Obviously, this being Paris, everything was so stylish! Esther, baby Bram and Helen jumped on a train from Amsterdam and came to join us.

One of the best things about organizing this event was to get to know my partner in crime, Amandine, better. We managed to work so many things out with the minimum amount of fuss. She is the best!

I think one of the biggest compliments that was made to us was that we made everyone feel welcome. Families felt like they could relax and not worry too much about kids running around and making a bit of noise. It was always our aim to have a relaxed and fun event and I am a little bit proud that we managed just that.

Now that Paris is done, I cannot wait to pack my bags and go to London ShopUp in just 10 days time . It is going to be so fun and I am really enjoying getting ready for the holidays with all these events!


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