Road building with Waytoplay, a flexible and waterproof toy road system

waytoplay road toy

Waytoplay is a super fun Dutch Design toy existing of 100% child safe rubber road segments that can easily be put together like a puzzle. Unbreakable, suitable for any surface AND water/weatherproof, children can roll out roads wherever they feel like and start playing. Be it in the garden, on the beach, in the bath or on the floor of the living room. It doesn’t matter how bumpy, soft or sandy the surface is. It even sticks to the sides of the bathtub. How fun! I love the idea behind this toy, how flexible it (literally!) is and how it encourages open ended play.

waytoplay flexibel toy road system

Waytoplay comes in different shapes and sizes, making it a fun system to collect. A basic set is a good start, and then there are all sorts of segments that can be added like roundabouts, junctions, parking spaces etc. It’s a great toy to combine with other open ended toys, like building blocks, Kapla, the Wobble Board and the wooden tunnels, Lego, Playmobil, Schleich or Ostheimer animals. The possibilities are endless. This is exactly the sort of imaginative play that we love seeing our children engage in. Inside or outside!

xxx Esther


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