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Older Not Wiser (Bad Nana) by Sophy Henn

It’s official! Sophy Henn has done it again; this time in the form of a hilarious chapter book. First she gave us Where Bear?, then Pass It On and Edie, followed by Almost Anything and now Older Not Wiser (Bad Nana)!!

Older Nor Wiser is rather a change in genre for Sophy Henn and I am so delighted she’s followed this path in her writing. It’s quirky, it’s super fun and it’s just great for any aged child (and parent)! If you’re looking for a bedtime read, or if you need a slightly longer read aloud, or simply to read one of those ‘laugh out loud’ kind of books which only come around every now and again, then this is the one for you. We just love it!

So the story goes; Jeanie who is 7 and three quarters has two grandmothers, one Granny Rose and the other is Bad Nana. (You will fall in love with both of them quite equally.) Through bright pink neon pages and hilarious images the story continues with the day to day adventures of both grandmothers all being told through the eyes of sweet Jeanie. Bad Nana isn’t really bad, she’s just very mischievous and her schemes are hilarious. The way Sophy Henn has described the grandmothers, their home, their personalities makes you fall into the book quickly.

Older but Wiser is a super book to encourage the reluctant reader to pick up books, it’s a great one to motivate story writing and it’s a wonderful book to have lots of fun with!

Older but Wiser can be purchased in any great bookstore or online here.

Vanessa x


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