Spots & Stripes — skincare for tweens

Helena is coming up on 11. How that has come around so quickly I do not know! But it was only the other day when it hit. I passed her our beautifully floral packaged, organic baby wash and she was appalled I was asking her to bathe in it. I also realised her skin was in need of some ‘me time’ too. So that evening I began searching for an alternative.

This is when I found Spots and Stripes. It’s perfectly packaged for tweens (aged 8 – 14) and being earth-friendly and super cool all at the same time made me very interested to find out more. Made in the English countryside by Founder, Charlotte-Anne Fidler, Spots & Stripes uses 100% natural actives and 0% parabens and is cleverly branded to promote a healthy skincare regime.

Having received a fun box to try out Helena was so excited (and very proud) to place her new Spots & Stripes products on her side of the sink and call it her own. From the girls range Helena is currently using the shampoo and conditioner, the cleansing lotion and the spot zapper. She’s very keen now to add the shower gel to her collection. Having used the products for around three weeks now I can honestly say I’ve seen a markable difference in her skin. It is beautifully shiny and clean and the spot zapper does exactly what it says on the bottle. Zaps away those blighters!

Spots & Stripes also caters for boys. So hurrah for all those tweens out there who now have their very own set of products in their bathroom.

For further information on tween skincare, Charlotte has added a section on her website explaining how very different their skin is from babies and teenagers and this is exatly why I love her products. This is what we were finding with Helena that baby products were not cleaning enough and the teenager products were too harsh.

Spots & Stripes is really quite something! You can purchase it online here. Did I mention it also comes in a really cool cardbox box designed to reuse and colour?

Vanessa x


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