Smock dresses for special occasions, by Charlotte Sy Dimby

smock dresses by Charlotte Sy Dimby

Remember when we were kids and had a special outfit for special occasions? Maybe it’s a European thing, but kids over here hardly seem to dress up anymore! I love being casual and relaxed, but part of me misses the excitement of dressing up and making an effort. Even I don’t have a special outfit anymore!

When I was small, I had one good dress that I would wear to family occasions and weddings. And, to what I considered, really fancy parties. That dress, paired with some Mary Janes in the winter, or some little leather sandals (which I was supposed to not scratch up too much), made me feel like the bees knees.

smock dresses by Charlotte Sy Dimby

It’s hard to find those special timeless dresses these days, so I have completely and utterly fallen in love with the beautiful pieces by Charlotte Sy Dimby. Designed and created in Madagascar by the designer Monique Ramahay and her daughter, these smock dresses are simply gorgeous and so delicately embroidered.

smock dresses by Charlotte Sy Dimby

It  really is a family enterprise: Madagascar is famous for it’s embroidery ateliers and you can see why. Monique herself stems from Madagascar and she has been working with the same artisans for more than 20 years creating her collection. They use traditional methods to embroider and smock the clothes. I had no idea how much detail goes into working in this traditional way! The details on each dress are hand embroidered and it feels like a piece that can be handed on from child to child.

Monique not only does smock dresses, she has also designed a lovely collection for little boys, with the same aim to create simple, timeless pieces.

I do love when clothes not only look nice, but you can see that there is a story behind each one of them. Charlotte sy Dimby encapsulates exactly this idea.

Emilie x

Charlotte sy Dimby will be at our East London ShopUp in a little over a week! Come and see their handiwork in person on the 9th and 10th of June!


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September 25, 2018

Hey Emilie! Such beautiful pieces, I’d love to buy each one! And thank you ladies for creating such a beautiful platform for us. Finally I can find comfy and cute pieces for my little princesses!

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