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‘Almost Anything’ by Sophy Henn

We love the books of Sophy Henn — they are always such a delight! So when I saw a new one had been released, Almost Anything, we were so excited! A heart-warming story about a rabbit called George who thinks he’s no good at anything. He admires his friends so much who can dance, who can paint and who can roller skate. Until one day the bear offers George a hat to wear and explains its magic.

The story continues with George having a go at all of these activities and realising he really is good at these activities. It’s only when he loses the magic hat that he really believes in himself.

This is such an empowering story for young ones. The illustrations are divine and with pastel hues throughout the book this is a gentle story to build children’s confidence and perseverence as learners. Its uplifting ending makes this a perfect book for spring.

Almost Anything can be purchased from all good bookstores and online (UK) or (USA).

Vanessa x



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