Boob, pregnancy and breastfeeding-friendly fashion from Sweden

Boob is a Stockholm-based maternity label offering an extensive collection of clothes for all stages of motherhood. With clever solutions for double use (being pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly), the fashion goes way beyond 9 months. The great quality even makes them last so long they can be used for other pregnancies or be passed on to friends! I love clothes with a long lifecycle like that.

I have found the Boob basics to be staples in my pregnancy wardrobe. In my posts about first and second trimester essentials, I mentioned Boob pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly fashion already. The styles are so cute and comfortable, they easily cover the belly in all different stages and are flattering as well. (I’m wearing the Flatter me long-sleeve top as we speak!)

Boob pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly fashion

Boob just launched their Spring Summer collection and I wanted to show you some pieces I am so excited about. This Air dress — how beautiful is it? I just love the elegance of the cut and the prettiness of the colour. It works for pregnancy (see the photo below where I’m wearing it with an 8 months bump!). After birth, all of the flowing fabric will lovingly disguise the after-birth belly, while offering a clever breastfeeding solution. Just by pushing aside the fabric pleats, nursing access is revealed! When your waist allows, I love the belted version as in the photo above too. (I’m far from that option, of course!) Also, it is made from 100% organic cotton.

Boob pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly fashion

Another item I think is so fun is the Amelia Jumpsuit. I wear it so much now that I am cocooning and nesting around the house! Again, it is super comfy to wear and offers easy and discreet breastfeeding access. I love the fun style with the cropped legs, and the tied top. I’m excited to be able to keep wearing this piece after I’ve had the baby, as I think this will become one of my favourite pieces for the summer, like the Air dress.

Boob maternity wear

Boob pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly fashion

Boob pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly fashion

xxx Esther

PS This post has been sponsored by Boob, a longtime member of our portal and a brand I personally love and endorse.


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