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Merci Maman

I don’t tend to wear a lot of jewellery, I actually don’t even have pierced ears! Every piece of jewellery I do own has some sentimental value. A little trinket bought on a holiday, or a present for a special occasion. Possibly not worth much, but very valuable to me nonetheless.

Merci maman

For our 10 year anniversary Esther, Courtney and I received a gift from the lovely brand Merci Maman. They are so special! A necklace with a little plaque that has 3 little xxx engraved on it, representing the 3 of us and the letter X in roman script. Super cute, right? And it is something we will always treasure, as it is a great memento of the adventure we embarked on together, ten years ago.

Merci Maman was founded 10 years ago (just like Babyccino!) by Beatrice, a French mom living in London. She started out engraving at her kitchen table, but now leads a team of 30. I love this story and the spirit behind it. Each plaque is unique, and has been hand-engraved with a personal message. Traditionally children in France received a gold plaque for their birthday or baptism, with the specific date engraved on it. I love this modern interpretation of this tradition.

Emilie x

PS Many Thanks to Little Kin Photography for taking the lovely photos at our anniversary party last December! Then lovely name tag is hand letters by the talented Danielle from Design in Words.


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