The Secret Society of Letter Writers, by Master Boddington

The Secret Society of Letter Writers (S.S.L.W.)… If something sparks the imagination of a ten-year-old, it is Secrets and Societies! A while ago, I brought home a little card from the ShopUp in New York, inviting the reader (in this case Pim) to join the S.S.L.W. The Secret Society of Letter Writers strives ‘to honour and protect the hand-written letter’. The aim is to entice members (children) to re-discover the hand-written note, doing so by sending out regular post with ‘important news, secret messages, letter writing projects, pen pals and the club’s annual Who’s Who’. So fun!

The Secret Society of Letter Writers by Master Boddington

Pim sent the application card back, and it wasn’t long before the first mail for him started to arrive from New York. A cool membership card with a pledge to honour the hand-written letter (to be signed), a form for a pen pal search… Plus a card enticing him to start writing his own notes or letters (with bullet points to cross off for each handwritten card).

After a few days a personal, handwritten note arrived from the S.S.L.W., and now Pim was intrigued. That afternoon, he wrote two notes to his two best friends. And after a few days, he got his first reply! It is so cool to get old-fashioned, handwritten mail! He has now sat down to write a letter to his grandfather, who I know will take the effort to write a proper letter back. It is so cute to see him discover how fun it is to have a written conversation. The anticipation of waiting for an answer to come… The excitement of finding a letter that has arrived just for you!

Secret Society of Letter Writers

The S.S.L.W. can be joined for free here. Such a great initiative! And don’t forget to check out Mr. Boddingtons amazing stationary line. I’m a big fan!

xxx Esther

PS I love these beautiful custom return address stamps.


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January 18, 2018

This is so cute. The second reply is taking rather longer than it should… I’ll make sure that it comes soon.

Esther in Amsterdam
January 18, 2018

Ah, William should by no means feel obliged to reply! (But it would of course be much appreciated ;)) xx

January 18, 2018

excellent! amalya would love that thanks so much, always find the greatest ideas on babyccino xx

Esther in Amsterdam
January 18, 2018

Ahhh thanks. And yes, she would! It is such a fun club :). x

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