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What we are reading right now

As we are nearing the shortest days of the year and, as a result, spending more time indoors, I thought it might be fun to share with you what we are reading right now in our little home!

Coco, who is 11, is on multiple books (as per usual). She is devouring the Generation K trilogy a Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure story that is captivating the whole of France at the moment (it does not seem to be translated into English yet though). She is also finishing off the second volume of Wonder and the 3rd Volume of the graphic novel series Les enfants de la Resistance“. Not to forget, in the middle of all of this, she has also started Pax, which was highly recommended to me as a “must read” when I was in London a few weeks ago.

Vivi and I are reading together Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (which Courtney reviewed a while ago), and she is blowing through The Mathilda Effect. She loves it and it also is very topical for her, as she herself has a grandmother who is an astrophysicist! I have the feeling this little girl seems very focused on equality issues…. or possibly I am influencing her just a smidgen. ; )

I am hooked on Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography Born to Run, which I picked up in Brooklyn recently. I actually got it as it is being used in Coco’s class to study grammar (which I love). Mostly though – I have so much respect for the man himself and his music and it is a great read! My other current favorite is the new edition of Lunch Lady Magazine that popped up in my mail box a couple of days ago — perfect mixtures of articles, craft and recipes!!



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December 11, 2017

Thanks for your recommendations! I’m always looking for good books to read. My daughter is 8 and she devoured the “Amulet” graphic novels. She also likes “Hilda” by Luke Pearson (so weird to me, but i guess I am not 8 anymore!!). As for chapter books, check out “Zinnia and the bees” by Danielle Davis. I believe this is her first book and this is beautifully written!

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