A New Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden

We are big fans of Petersham Nurseries here at Babyccino. Vanessa has previously written about the Michelin starred restaurant and floral workshops held at the original Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. So you can imagine my excitement to find out about the opening of a new Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden, just a quick tube ride into central London. The sprawling site, housed in a magnificent grade II listed townhouse includes a home and garden shop, florist, deli, and two restaurants, all set around a pretty leafy courtyard. Although the restaurants won’t be open until early 2018 I couldn’t resist taking a quick trip down there to check out the brand new shop and cafe.

The shop is an Aladdin’s cave of beautiful one off hand crafted pieces and antiques. Including ceramics, lights, mirrors, soft furnishings and of course a lust worthy collection of houseplants. From the smallest succulents to the most enormous palms.

The Petersham team have curated a unique range of indoor and outdoor products all beautifully displayed inside this grand old building. Pale lime washed walls and 2 enormous victorian domed skylights flood the space with natural light. Although less of a traditional garden centre, this more polished version of the original shop still manages to maintain the brands familiar style of rustic elegance.

A few doors away, the take away Delicatessen is equally enticing. Evocative of a traditional Italian grocery store, brimming with pastries, cured meats, cheeses and handmade pastas as well as made to order sandwiches, salads and soups. If you can make it past the cakes at the entrance you’ll also find a plentiful selection of artisanal breads, speciality store cupboard ingredients and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Its a great spot to grab a quick bite if you need to eat on the go.

The new Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden is an exciting edition to this part of town, if you are exploring the area with kids why not combine your visit with a trip to the London Transport Museum and pick up some delicious sandwiches from the deli on the way.

Enjoy Kate x


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Lara in London
October 7, 2017

The best new shop in town, and I can’t wait to visit again when the restaurants are open. Mark your calendar! 🙂

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