Baby Book, a gorgeous baby journal by Peep’s Paper Products

A baby book is such a beautiful way to document baby’s first year. Did your mother make you one? I still have mine! It has been lovingly filled out with information like my first smile, my first teeth, and who came to visit me after I was born… There are newspaper cuttings of the day I was born and the name tag I was given in the hospital. Adorable 70’s style illustrations are used to decorate the pages, making this book a true record of that time and age, and of me! I have always loved this book growing up, and still do.

Baby Book by Peep's Paper Products

The beautiful Baby Book by Peep’s Paper Products reminds me so much of my own baby book! I can just imagine myself filling it in with as much dedication as my mum did 40 or so years ago. Perhaps our baby will look back at his or her baby book in 40 years as well, and smile at the gorgeous safari watercolour illustrations and the photos plus information I will have entered, like the first bath, first smile, and the price of gasoline in 2018.

Baby Book by Peep's Paper Products

The Baby Book is made of all natural materials: bound in Japanese asahi cloth and printed on Mohawk superfine paper. The cover is luxuriously stamped with gold ink. This book comes in a gift box and is made to last over 300 years. It surely will become a true family heirloom!

xxx Esther

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