Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

For its small geographical size, Amsterdam is home to an impressive number of museums and galleries, many of which are family friendly. The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is located in the iconic Muesumplein (alongside the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum) and showcases a fine collection of modern and contemporary art.

The Stedelijk Museum is one of the quieter museums in Museumplein, hence more accomodating to families as you usually don’t need to line up or plan ahead too much for your visit. One of the nice things that sets the Stedelijk Museum apart though, is that it contains a small space dedicated to families – making it the perfect place to visit with children.

The ‘Family Lab’ is a fun and involved way to engage children with the art that they see and experience at the museum. The theme of this space is always intertwined with the main temporary exhibition – and the activities enable children to feel inspired and create something for themselves. At the time of this post there was a photography exhibition and the Family Lab was dedicated to portrait photography. A small photographer’s studio was set up so that families could place their phone on a tripod and practice taking a natural portrait within a studio setting. Inspirational quotes lined the walls of the lab, and portaiture books were available to add to the inspiration – such a unique experience for children!

Whenever you go rest assured there will be something creative to captivate you and your little ones. Connecting with art is so enriching for children, and modern art can really provide a more accessible experience.

The Stedelijk Museum shop is also worth a look-in while you are here. Alongside the typical art books, posters and postcards you can also find a beautifully curated selection of interior design pieces, children’s toys and books as well as many unique gifts and souvenirs. You can access the shop without a ticket.

Outside the museum is the open green space of Museumplein, with the stunning Rijksmuseum as your backdrop. Here, younger children can safely play without concern for cars or bicycles — there is also a playground nearer to the Rijksmuseum. The Stedelijk Museum and Museumplein serve as an easy yet rich cultural experience for the family that will no doubt leave a lasting impression.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ
Tel: (0)20 5732 911

Opening Hours:

Daily 10am – 6pm
Friday 10am – 10pm

Free admission to children and youth up to 18 years of age.


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