Make Your Own Sunscreen at Home!

Mineral Sunscreen Recipe

I was playing with an idea of making a sunscreen at home for a while because I’m very picky when it comes to them: they first need to be mineral without nanoparticles and can’t have any perfumes and/or nasty chemicals in them — I even wrote a post a while ago about it. And when I found this amazing recipe I decided to finally give it a go. I recommend reading the whole article — it’s super informative.

I made this sunscreen more than a month ago already but I really wanted to give it a good test drive first before sharing the recipe. I must say I absolutely love it. It smells nice and spreads really well. And most importantly — it really, really works!

There are a few differences compared to store-bought sunscreen you should know about though:
– you need to apply it generously (!) and often (about every hour)
– it will make your skin look white at first but after rubbing it for a while it is going to dissolve and lose the white appearance
– this cream doesn’t contain toxic ingredients that make it waterproof and although it contains beeswax that helps it stay on in the water, it still washes off so you need to reapply it generously as soon as you come out of water!

This cream is about SPF 20 or higher.

The ingredients you’ll need to make about 235 ml suncreen:
-90g coconut oil
-65g carrier oil (I used a mix of jojoba, olive and hemp oil)
-28.5 beeswax
-27.5 Mango Butter (the original recipe says shea butter but I used mango)
-40g Non-nano and Uncoated (!) Zinc Oxide
-½ tsp Vitamin E

The procedure is very easy:
Place all the ingredients, except for the zinc oxide in a glass bowl and melt them slowly by placing the bowl over a pot of simmering water. After everything is completely melted, remove the bowl and be careful not to get any water in to the mixture.
Now very slowly add the zinc oxide and whisk like you never whisked before. And then some more! For about 5 minutes.
Now pour the cream into container of your choice and leave it to set up for at least an hour or so.

I used the reusable GoToob and GoTubb Containers from Humangear and I love them! The first ones are squeezable tubes made of soft silicone that is BPA free and even FDA food-safeand they don’t drip and are so easy to fill, use and clean (besides the flip cap all parts are dishwasher safe). They can also be easily labeled. Perfect for travel.

The GoTubb’s are just as safe (also made of food-safe and BPA-free materials) and can be opened with only one hand. These are not water-proof though, so I use them only at home.


You can read more from Polona on her blog Baby Jungle or visit her online boutique Baby Jungle shop!



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July 26, 2017

Unlike Courtney’s repeating advertisements for clothes and other stuff, this is an informative post related to a subject I did not know much about. Thank you!

July 26, 2017

Interesting article. I subscribe to natural, organic-where-possible products and am very much in line and supportive of your whole babyccino philosophy. Your blog is my daily read! However, I feel I need to add a note of caution and scepticism to this post. Readers need to read other articles by dermatologists and consumer organisations about the under parr results of such sunscreens. As a fair skinned mama and melanoma patient, I have (reluctantly) come to the conclusion that I need to continue using more “chemical” sunscreens for the time being. I keep trying natural alternatives but for me the jury is out.

July 26, 2017

Babyccino I LOVE your blog but I do not love this post. I think I will leave something as important as the creation of sunscreen to the professionals and to be honest I’m quite happy using a few chemicals to ensure my red headed, fair skinned son is well protected.

July 27, 2017

Agree with all of the posts above. It’s a fun idea in theory but not safe.

July 28, 2017

no. just no. I find this article extremely irresponsible.
Am all for a home made hair mask, facial or playdoh but this is plain wrong. The chances of this being done in a correct manner are slim to none and the consequences of getting it wrong huge.
Sunscreen is not a nice to have but a strong need in our lives. There are great nontoxic sunscreens in the market that have been developed under the correct guidelines and with the adequate controls. There is no need for this.

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