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‘Twist’, yoga poems written by Janet S. Wong

Twist yoga poems

It’s been a crazy school year for Helena. Another change of school, another curriculum to follow and a whole new set of rules to become familiar with. She is a true natural when it comes to moving and although it looks like she’s always super confident and easily adaptable she is a natural worrier. I guess it runs in her genes! So as a family, we’ve all taken up yoga. We were looking for something to do together, something which would make us all mindful and something we all would have in common to talk about. It’s been amazing and we all feel truly better in ourselves for it. I did a lot of yoga when I was pregnant and so I’m really pleased we’re picking it up as a family.

Helena has really taken to yoga and we often find her snuggled upstairs in her bedroom working out on her mat.  She’s really feeling the benefits. So when I came across this divine book, Twist, a collection of 16 yoga poems, I thought it would be wonderful to add to our little collection of yoga items.

Written by Janet S. Wong, who’s work in the past has focused on teaching children to express themselves through art, each poem describes a yoga pose. Thus it allows the child to do yoga independently still focusing on the stretching and breathing as they read. Helena commented that she found the poses easier because she had read about them. Twist is a lovely book for the older child and I love hearing how Helena and Florence now talk about which is their favourite pose!

Twist is available from all good booksellers and Amazon (UK and US).

Vanessa x


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July 10, 2017

Hi Vanessa, I love this post. How old are Helena and Florence? My daughter is just 4. She has been taught some yoga poses at her preschool which she seems really proud of showing me. I was wondering if we should pursue it or if she’s a bit young. I wouldn’t know where to begin, any good websites or you tube recommendations we could follow along with? Thanks!

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