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‘The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts’ by Maja Safstrom

I bought this book, The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts a while back as I knew Helena would be mesmerised by the facts, then took it to Holland one half term holiday and showed it to her cousins. Very quickly they eagerly swopped facts with each other so there was nothing left to do but pass it on. That’s what I love about a good book – sharing it! Since then I’ve bought a load more copies as gifts and now that we own a copy ourselves we find it’s such a fun book to open up again and again.

I love this book as much as Helena does and as Florence is becoming a good reader so does she. Only just yesterday, on another super rainy summer’s day (!), we spent time together feasting on the facts and rather quickly we set out to make little drawings of the animals. Florence even made her own sweet book about owls. She re-wrote all of the facts and drew lovely little pictures of a parliament of owls. I love how a book brings such a journey of creativity!

Maja Safstrom has created such a fabulous book with cool, quirky facts. It’s a must for the holidays! Available from all good booksellers and Amazon (UK and US).

Vanessa x


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