The ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ book series

Little People, Big Dreams book

We have recently discovered the Little People, Big Dreams series and we’re just loving them all! Each story uncovers the lives of empowering, outstanding women. Each one had a dream as a child and went on to fulfil it. Florence sat with me to read Maya Angelou’s story and together we followed her biography from her traumatic childhood to becoming one of the world’s most esteemed female writers.

Each of these biography style stories is clear and apparent. Their messages connect to the youngest of readers and the illustrations are straigthforward not to digress from the importance of the story line. We love each of these books and are really excited to read more of them. They make great keepsakes and would be a wonderful gift for the inquisitive child. Other books in the series we’re enjoying is the story of Coco Chanel and Frida Kahlo.

The series is available from all good booksellers and from Amazon (UK and US).

Vanessa x


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Lara in London
June 30, 2017

We love this series as well! We have the Marie Curie and it has become one of our favourite books. Can’t wait to get some of the other biographies to add to our collection. xx

Ella hughes
July 6, 2017

We also adore this series of books and have them all. I skip over the bit where Maya was attacked by her Mother’s boyfriend…not age appropriate for a two and four year old in my opinion.

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