CW Pencil Enterprise

I love New York for many reasons, but the existence of specialized shops like CW Pencil Enterprise — an entire store devoted to  pencils (!) – ranks high on the list. I’m by no means a pencil expert, but the selection here seems near-encyclopedic, and with a budding little writer on my hands it was the perfect place to stop for a bit of inspiration and a few special new pencils to help spark further creative endeavors.

Situated on the Lower East Side, the tiny shop is positively full of pencils in every size, shape, and color – sketching pencils, highlighter pencils, minuscule pencils barely bigger than toothpicks, special pencils made specifically for Sudoku puzzles, and colored pencils. There are serious pencils for pencil connoisseurs and even vintage pencils for those who might collect them. Beyond pencils the shop stocks notebooks, sharpeners, pencil cases, and an extensive range of erasers. A little desk near the front window serves as a pencil testing station, with its drawer full of pencils sharpened and ready to try out. We spent several minutes there, and my daughter delighted in leaving her mark in the accompanying notebook as we finalized our selection. Nearly a week later a little glass yogurt cup still sits on our table at home, newly-purchased pencils accessible and ready to be employed whenever the mood strikes. I’ve already seen her helping her babies “do a little writing,” on more than one occasion – so cute!


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