Team Favourites : Six thermal base layers to keep you warm

Isn’t it just the best to be warm and toasty, and to know that you and your family can play outside for hours no matter the cold weather?

We wanted to keep you warm with our favourite winter thermal base layers. We value these brands because they are comfy, soft, wash well, are breathable, double up as pyjamas and last wear after wear even going from older child to the younger ones! We all have our trusted and tried brands, and hopefully these will be enjoyed by your family as well.

Thermal Layering Favourites:

  1. This Engel bodysuit has been our staple for 5 months and we would still squeeze Joseph in it if we could. We love MamaOwl‘s colour selection in natural white, ocean blue and cherry red. The soft fabric is perfect for baby’s skin because it is a silk and merino wool blend which is breathable too. – Lara in London
  2. Smalls. Two of our team rave about these cosy basics made from 100% superfine merino wool. Machine wash these on 40C and tumble dry, and they stay in such excellent shape. They last for years, going from one child to the next, and the children use them as PJs and long underwear. –Esther and Helen
  3. When Delia was younger, I loved the merino separates from Nature Baby in New Zealand. They’re incredibly soft, wash up well, and the pants have long cuffs for folding up or down to extend wear. You can also get footed pants for the tiniest littles. –Shannon 
  4. I love the staple Petit Bateau underwear pieces and long johns for simplicity and easy washing. – Kate
  5. Goat-Milk are absolutely faultless! So comfy and forever lasting. Both my girls use these as pj’s as well as under clothes when it’s super cold here in Scotland. Helena could not have been without hers when she went on her survival camp. I’d buy these always! – Vanessa
  6. These merino wool Windmill long johns are so, so soft (and cute too!). Perfect for pajamas or base layers. – Courtney 

Stay warm!



ps The sweet photo above is from Esther while on a skiing trip last year. Her cute kids are all wearing Smalls!


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Stacy Ragueneau
February 9, 2017

I second the petit bateau… we adore the wool with cotton on the inside versions as well as the hundred percent mérinos. We have a very big, very old ( 500 Years) historical home. Although we do have underfloor heating on the ground and four huge fireplaces… it can be drafty! I SWEAR by the petit bateau full length wool/ cotton interior onesies. So Seriously practical my children wore these EVERY single day during the cooler periods until they were potty trained. I gave all of our stock to my niece that lives in Alaska and she has used them on her three children as well. It requires seriously good quality To last nicely through five kids…( although I must admit I can’t stand a small stock of underclothes and I buy a huge stock in every size… hahahahaha)

Lara in London
February 10, 2017

Thank you for sharing your experience… isn’t always lovely to own items that last through lots of love and lots of children!

February 24, 2017

We head into the Cascade Mountains to camp every weekend during winter & spring where it is cold, damp and snowy. Although the long underwear woolies are staples in our duffle bag, I just purchased Engel’s wool/silk panties from MamaOwl for my girls to wear whilst skiing and am so pleased!! They LOVE them and say their bottoms no longer get cold on the chairlift. I highly recommend them if your children do outdoor activities in climates where regulating your body temperature is a challenge.

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