Niddle Noddle at the London ShopUp (and some favourite gifts)

One of the things I really enjoy at our ShopUp events, next to the obviously GREAT shopping, is the community behind it. In London, our 4th (!!) ShopUp is coming up on the 4th and the 5th of December (so mark your agendas if you haven’t done so already!) and I can’t wait to hang out with all of the shops and visitors again.

One of the shops that has joined us since our first event is Niddle Noddle, and I just love discovering their cute collections year after year. I always find a treasure — Eilidh and Katrine just have a way of finding those special little things!

middle noodle

I made this collage with some items I love from the Niddle Noddle shop — some of which we have at home and have been firm favourites, some of which I think would be the perfect present for my children:

  1. My boys love tigers and this cardboard mask is fun to put together, play with, and decorate their rooms with. Win, win, win.
  2. The Hide and Seek disc — we have a similar toy at home which is from the seventies, and it’s such a lovely baby toy. My kids still like to play with it. The disks inside ‘magically’ appear when the toy is turned. So fun.
  3. This VW Van just looks super cool in our living room. Oh, and it’s a great toy too.
  4. The Magnatab Free Play magnetic toy is one of the most loved toys we have in our house. There is no child who doesn’t love playing with it! The concept is very simple — with a magnetic pen, you pull little beads to the surface to create patterns or drawings. It is totally addictive and so calming. I definitely recommend this toy for all ages.
  5. I picked up Odd Fellows Orphanage last year at the ShopUp for Sara and it has been one of her favourite books! A great chapter book for children who read confidently (or to confidently read to children who can’t read yet).
  6. This is the cutest Boy Doll! Both Ava as Casper would absolutely love him. I think the little hat, dungarees and shoes he’s wearing are so adorable. I most probably will pick this little one up at the ShopUp this year.
  7. We love to collect all sorts of little things from outside. We’re foraging in the spring and summer, collecting leaves and nuts in autumn, and in winter we like to carry snow around. This sweet little trolley would be perfect to take along with us to transport all of our finds.
  8. Friendly Faces in the Yard soft book. This has been all of my kids’ first book — they love the contrasts, and we love the characters ; ).

Hope you enjoy this selection. Next year I’m sure I will have new favourites to share!

xxx Esther


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November 22, 2016

That VW Van is the best thing ever!!! EVER!!!

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