Montjuic Gardens

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Although part of the point of visiting a city is being in the heart of the metropolis, and seeing what it has to offer, sometimes you also need a little bit of perspective to appreciate the overall body of what it is that you are visiting. From the verandas of the Jardins Mossèn Costa i Llobera, and the mirador of Poble sec you are given an array of views from the Barcelona industrial loading port, to the rooftops, and hilltops of Barcelona.

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Only a quarter of an hour walk or a 10 minute bus ride away from the Castle of Montjuic, these gardens boast of almost 800 different types of Cacti. From Baloos prickly pears, to the small round prickly ball (Echinocactus grusonii) which in Catalunya is also known as the mother in Laws seat since you don´t want her getting too comfy. This garden has the luxury of being close enough to the city to be able to come and go in one morning whilst being large enough for the children to be able to run a little. Here the journey to the park is almost as enjoyable as the destination, being able to take a cable car to the top crossing over the port, of Barcelona, and being able to see the ramble de Catalunya from a different perspective.

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Be aware of the queues to come and go with the cable car, as we know hungry children can be difficult to manage. 😉


A few notes:

Schedules vary according to the time of year so make sure to look at the opening and closing times

Price one way €11 one way €16.50 return


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