5 Questions with Lucy and Jemma from Molly & Moo

What I love about this interview series is that we get to know the makers and designers behind all the pretty brands and products we represent. We get a sneak peek into their homes or studios and get and understanding for how the shops were created and how they’re being run. This interview with Jemma and Lucy from Molly & Moo is a perfect example. It’s fun to see how other mums have taken a friendship and turned it into a business.

Molly & Moo is run by two mums on opposite sides of London. They created their collection of  baby essentials, merging their love of minimalist design and appreciation for Scandinavian simplicity and quality. The result is a gorgeous collection of gender neutral pieces that fit perfectly in any home. Let me introduce you to Lucy and Jemma:


1. Please tell us a little bit about yourselves, where you live and about your families.

We have been friends for almost 10 years now. We live with our families on opposite sides of London, with Jemma being based in Hertfordshire and Lucy in Surrey.


Lucy: I’m wife to Tim and Mummy to Leo and we live in leafy Cobham overlooking the water meadows where we spend happy weekends pottering and catching up on ourselves. Leo is 4 and he is our world. He’s just started at school this year which I find completely amazing because I have no idea when my little baby boy suddenly went and got himself all grown up! My favourite thing to do now that evenings are drawing in is to light the fire and cosy-up as a family on the sofa with a film – a big bowl of popcorn, a nice bottle of red and a glass of the cold white stuff for Leo…I find it’s the little things that make my heart sing.


Jemma: I live in Hertfordshire with my husband Tom and my children William 5 and Molly 2. The children have very different personalities and Molly is most certainly going through the terrible twos but my favourite thing in the world is seeing them play together. It’s a wonderful thing having a sibling and whilst they don’t play nicely all the time, when they do it fills me with joy. We are fortunate enough to have a large garden and I love nothing more than seeing them play outside usually charging up and down, making bug hotels or having a ride around in Daddy’s garden trolley!



2. Tell us a little bit about Molly & Moo and how the two of you came to create your brand of baby products.

We’re both trained finance professionals but secretly harbored dreams of doing something more creative with our time. Some years ago Lucy launched her baby photography business as an outlet for her creativity, but it wasn’t until spring of 2016 that a chance conversation about a shared experience on maternity leave followed by an impulsive decision meant that we had the planted the seeds for Molly & Moo…

When we were at home with our babies we’d both found it so hard to find beautiful baby neutrals in the sea of pink, blue and cutesy options available on the high street. It was frustrating and Molly & Moo is our way of addressing that imbalance for style conscious parents of the UK.

It’s very much a joint venture between us and our brand name reflects that; it is a cross between Jemma’s second born, Molly, and Lucy’s pet name for Leo who is her special ”Little Moo”. We often joke that the business is akin to having a baby together – it’s certainly incredibly hard work, needs lots of nurturing and attention and brings with it many sleepless nights!




3. What is important to you when designing your products?

We aim to design classic, timeless pieces that are beautiful, practical and will stand the test of time!

Simplicity of design is so important to us – all of our products have been inspired by the clean, minimalistic lines of Scandinavian design and you’ll find our collection full of clean patterns, classic stripes and where colour is incorporated, the tones are muted and carefully selected to make our pieces as unisex as possible.

It is also really important for us to make great products that will stand the test of time not just in terms of quality (which goes without saying!) but also in terms of longevity. Our new quilted play blanket is a perfect example of this as it makes a gorgeous kick-about mat from newborn to 6-months but then doubles up as a bedspread or play blanket as your baby grows and can be passed on to younger siblings. It’s super versatile!


4. If you had to pick just one product from your collection to give as a baby gift, what would it be?

molly-and-moo-pyjamas molly-and-moo-striped-pyjamas

Jemma: Ooh…that’s hard! If pushed though I’d have to say that I love our new cloud stripe pyjamas. They’re made from beautifully soft GOTS organic cotton and come in their own little gift pouches making them ideal for gifting! Being unisex they are also great for older siblings. I’ve always loved the idea of William and Molly in matching PJ’s but have struggled to find these on the market, so I know what they’ll both be wearing on Christmas morning this year.


Lucy: If I had to pick just one it would have to be our beau bunny hooded towel. It’s super cute, fun and of course practical. It is gorgeously soft and perfect for newborns making that first bath even more special.



5. Tell us about your work space? How often do you meet up and work together?

Jemma fulfills our website orders from her home, and when the brand started to grow it quickly became clear that she needed a ‘system’ to make this side of the business more efficient – she’s a little OCD on the organisation front and it was becoming a constant source of stress for her! Jemma successfully managed to convince her husband to change his office into a Molly & Moo studio and now we have a beautiful office and packaging room with a place for everything, making fulfillment much easier.

We see each other a few times a week but once a month Lucy travels to Hertfordshire for a longer planning session and to photograph our new stock for us when it arrives – it’s certainly very useful having a pro-photographer on the team! We hope that these visits will become more frequent in 2017 because we are quite literally bursting with ideas for new products that we want to add to the Molly & Moo collection.


Jemma and Lucy will have a booth at our ShopUp event in London this December 4th & 5th, so be sure to pay a visit to their booth to meet them in person and shop their beautiful collection! 


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