Museum Van Loon

The Sheep Room

Located in the middle of the canal district we loved visiting this small but very interesting canal house. Still owned by the aristocratic Van Loon family you will find some parts of the house closed off for obvious reasons, but the parts which remain open are simply stunning. The house gives you a real insight of how these beautiful canal houses were once adorned with lavish style and big taste. The Old Dutch paintings and interesting objects, together with the themed bedrooms and their exquisite wall coverings makes this museum a truly unique destination while visiting hip Amsterdam.

The Garden Room

We visited during the Christmas period which made the house look even more lavish with its sparkling Christmas tree decorating the Garden Room and giant urns filled with colourful baubles.

The Kitchen

The kitchen in the basement of the house was another favourite room. It was the working area for around fifteen servants and was filled with copper delights and intricate hand painted blue tiles.

We loved visiting the Museum Van Loon and highly recommend it as a place to visit with the family.

The Bird Room

This post has been shared by our lovely contributor Vanessa after her recent visit to Amsterdam.


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