Books of Wonder – a children’s bookstore


As convenient as Amazon and other similar websites can be, leisurely browsing a good bookstore is a thrill all its own. Given how prominently children’s books feature in the rhythm of my days since my daughter’s birth, having the opportunity to refresh and supplement our growing library is one I take advantage of whenever possible. Books of Wonder, on 18th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, is an excellent independent bookstore focused solely on children’s literature. Walking the aisles here means having a cover illustration jog a long-forgotten memory of a favorite book from years long past (as happened for my husband today when spotting John Henry: An American Legend) or discovering a new-to-us title that becomes an instant favorite, committed to and recited from memory by everyone in the house.



When we stopped in earlier this afternoon I had only to divert my attention long enough to fold our stroller (not even necessary here given the spacious layout – such a luxury in New York!), and my daughter was off, climbing a small step stool and removing familiar books from the shelves. Numerous child-size tables and chairs offer space to sit and read together, and the collection, ranging from rare and collectible editions, to New York books and beloved classics, is easy to navigate and visually appealing. The store frequently hosts author events and was used as inspiration for the children’s bookstore central to the movie You’ve Got Mail. After learning about them today, I’m especially keen to return for the storytimes offered on Saturday and Sundays mornings (11am Saturday, 11:30 on Sunday) with books tailored to the age of the children in attendance. Until then a bag with nine new books sits on the floor, ready to be pored over and enjoyed.


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