ShortStitch, personal shopping — also for boys!

ShortStitch box
Do you remember the personal shopping service, ShortStitch, that we tested for Ava last year? I loved the easy process, the excitement of receiving the box full of gorgeous outfits, and was so happily surprised by the awesome suggestions Darina had put together (some of them I would have never thought of myself — and that was the fun of it!).

ShortStitch box
Darina also wanted us to try her amazing service for boys, so we agreed she would assemble a box of clothes for Casper. He definitely needs a cool new outfit for spring and summer, some good shoes, and swim shorts! So I filled in a very easy online questionnaire and answered questions about our taste, Casper’s sizes, and which items he would need for the coming season. I always love filling out questionnaires, and this was a fun one. After a day or so Darina gave me a quick ring to go over some specifics, like Casper’s hobbies and interests, what he thinks is cool, clothing wise (like superhero details! and pockets!), and the way our family usually spends the weekends.

ShortStitch ShortStitch ShortStitch
The process was so easy and streamlined, and the ShortStich Boy of Yay! arrived on our doorstep two days later, full to the brim with gorgeous pieces of clothing of some brands we love (like 10 IS, Emile et Ida, Bellerose and Zoobug) and with a sweet personal letter accompanying it. It revealed a beautiful coat, a selection of super cool trousers and shorts, some fun shirts, jumpers, and swim trunks. There were also sweet sandals and trainers (with velcro as requested by school!), and some pieces to layer until the weather is warm enough.

ShortStitch ShortStitch ShortStitch
The clothes had definitely been chosen with a lot of care, keeping in mind the preferences in style we had indicated and the specific requests we had made about certain items. I also love that Darina really though about what Casper personally liked, too. The clothes were definitely not just selected for the parent, but very much so for the child as well!

ShortStitch by Babyccino Kids ShortStitch by Babyccino Kids ShortStitch by Babyccino Kids ShortStitch by Babyccino Kids

Casper and I didn’t have an easy job selecting one new outfit — everything inside the box was very want-able! But in the end we settled for a beautifully designed linen trousers with awesome button details. I love how casually smart it looks on Casper (and he loves how many pockets it has!). We combined it with a sweet t-shirt with a tiny, tasteful print, and a cardigan which he immediately fell in love with and which also looks so super cute on him. It will come in so handy as a layering piece in the next months! Of course we also kept the superhero socks, and the trainers which are so practical, and so cool looking (yet dressy enough for school as well).

ShortStitch by Babyccino Kids
We also kept a dark blue sweatshirt with red stitching, just because it looks so, so good on him!

ShortStitch by Babyccino Kids ShortStitch by Babyccino Kids

The swim trucks with the fish (for pirates, according to Casper!) and the sunglasses were also a huge hit. (He has been wearing them day and night — no joke.) So we decided to keep those as well.

The rest of the clothes we returned to the box — all ready to the picked up by the courier to be returned to ShortStich. The beauty of the ShortStitch service is that you only pay (regular retail prices) for the items you decide to keep! The service and shipping is completely free of charge.

I loved this personal shopping experience with ShortStich very much again, and I have to admit that I am now slightly hooked on it. I love discovering so many cool pieces for my kids this way — it is so fun, and so, so easy!

xxx Esther


PS This post is sponsored by ShortStitch, a personal shopping service we have tested and absolutely love, and would definitely recommend! ShortStitch is also a member of our shopping portal.


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March 14, 2016

Beautiful pictures Esther! Can I ask you what camera do you have? Absolutely gorgeous!

Esther in Amsterdam
March 14, 2016

Thank you sweet Polona! It’s a Sony A7R xxx

Courtney in London
March 14, 2016

This sounds like such a wonderful service. A total time-saver!! And these photos of Casper are too cute. He is getting so big – I can’t believe it!!! xx

March 14, 2016

Such sweet photos of Casper! He looks so dapper in his new outfit! X

April 9, 2016

I love all the clothes in the box, will definitely consider this for my childeren. A lovely post, thank you. Marjolein (Brussels)

November 28, 2016

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