Tun Fun main entry sign
In an old tunnel and pedestrian passageway, under a busy square in the center of Amsterdam, a kids paradise is created: TunFun. This indoor playground is the ideal place to bring your overactive kids on a cold or rainy day. There are play-zones for different age groups with trampolines, jump cushions, ball pits, slides, and much much more.

Tun Fun entrance

The venue looks odd but at the same time very cool – you actually do have the feeling you’re in a tunnel (a very spacious one, don’t worry); the tram can be seen passing by over your head! There’s a lot of scaffolding, graffiti and traffic lights, all adding to the feeling of cool urbanity. Toddlers and pre-schoolers will love the challenges this place offers, but older kids (up to 12) will still love this place, because it’s so cool.

Tun Fun indoor playground

Plenty of benches and couches are provided for the parents to sit down have a cup of coffee and read one of the magazines or newspapers around. Well, ideally…

I think that the older the children are, the more relaxing your time at TunFun will be as your kids will be able to play more independently. But having said that, it really does cater well to all ages with plenty of entertainment to keep everyone busy for hours.

Tun Fun Aeroplane

Changing room and kid’s toilets are available, nappies are sold, together with a variety of basic drinks and snacks (nothing fancy). Open daily from 10AM to 6PM (last admissions at 5PM), except for Kings Day (April 27th) and New Years’ day (January 1st).


xxx Esther


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March 9, 2008

Oh my gosh… my boys would LOVE this! It’s sort of like Topsy Turvy in North London, only more urban…
It looks very cool and very Dutch. Let’s take the kids when I’m in town next!

March 9, 2008

can we come too???

March 12, 2008

It looks amazing! They should have one of these in every city!

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