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Ida Pearl — The Moon is going to Addy’s House

Ida Pearle
When we were in NY for our ShopUp event recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Ida Pearl, artist, writer, violinist and illustrator. Ida and I had a long chat, and we experienced that funny but special click people sometimes have when they have just met each other — that feeling of comfort, as if you have known each other for a long time.

Ida Pearl
Ida told me about becoming a mum, about the recent loss of her dad, and about the long journey of writing her beautiful book The Moon is going to Addy’s House. She told me it took her over five years to create this book — based on a simple story, a beautiful memory — simple, but by itself so strong it sums up everything about Ida’s loved, cherished, secure and safe childhood.

Ida Pearl Ida Pearl
The Moon is going to Addy’s House is a playful story about a little girl and her sister, on the way to their country home in the back of their car, playing hide and seek with the moon, which is following them in the sky above. It’s a sweet story my children love — they love the familiarity, they love pointing to the moon and the other sweet illustrations. But there’s also something soothing, more extensive about this book: the deep, thoughtful illustrations, so sensitive in their straightforwardness, and the fact that the moon is always there, as a metaphor for parental love and consistency. I think this is what makes this sweet book so relevant as only a classic can ever be.

Definitely a recommendation, and if you are a parent who sadly once lost a parent, this book will emanate a feeling of comfort and familiarity for you as well.

xxx Esther


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Susan M.
December 19, 2015

thank you! what gorgeous art work. I love the collage work and moon motif. I just reserved it at our public library. They had it!

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