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Two books by Ruth Krauss & Maurice Sendak


I had my first child over eight years ago and can’t believe I didn’t find these books until this year – I know I will buy them for every baby born from here on out!!!  In fact I want to buy them for every Mum I know – knowing the enjoyment they will get from reading these little curiosities.

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I’ll be You and You Be Me is a collection of observations and odd little poems that feel injected with child’s perspective – you know when your kid says something so sweet – which is not quite right, a bit muddled but perfect and actually strangely insightful?  Those things we all say we should write down to remember (I try but most of the time forget by the time paper and pencil are to hand).  This book feels like it is made up of those things.  Ruth Krauss’s writing and ideas is the closest I have ever experienced to capturing the beauty of children’s imagination.  And to be accompanied by Maurice Sendak!!!  His small, sweet illustrations are perfectly fitting.

My favourite observation in the book is on love; “love is they could push you down in the grass and it doesn’t even hurt – love is the same as like only you spell them different – only more of the same, sort of – Love has more stuff in it! Love is you give them a leg off your gingerbread man. No, two legs, And the head!” Isn’t that just so right?!

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A Hole is to Dig is a book of first definitions.  Imagine asking kids what a face is for?  well, “a face is for making faces” – of course!!!! This book is full of those kind of definitions – just as a child would see the world!  To that effect grown-ups will love these books almost more then the children – young children may just think it is all very accurate!!! However my 6 and 8 year old howl with laughter at some of the definitions: Hands: “are to hold” or “to hold up when you want your turn”, A Package: “is to look inside” and Mashed Potatoes: “are to give everybody enough”.  But there are also some very very true observations that I guess we would all agree with Children: “are to be loved”.

I’ll Be You and You Be Me is available in the UK here and the US here.

A Hole is to Dig is available in the UK here and the US here.

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December 16, 2015

“A Very Special House” also by Kraus & Sendak is another really fun one! Great read for kids when they are in a silly mood and the illustrations are fabulous.

Esther in Amsterdam
December 16, 2015

Thanks for these recommendations! They sound so sweet and perfect. xx

December 17, 2015

Favorites in our house too!

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