The Ladybird books for Grown-Ups


Have you seen these books yet?  If you are in your 30s / 40s and grew up in the UK I’m sure you will recognise ‘The Ladybird Book’ series – if we didn’t own them ourselves our school library certainly had a few.  They were an inescapable part of childhood and although wooden in their writing style and retro (even back in 1983!) in their illustrations they were the way many of us were introduced to a wide range of subjects and stories.

Now the clever publishers at Ladybird have had a genius idea to tap into the fondness we have for those small hardback books – to do subjects more relevant to adults but in the ‘ladybird style’.  Think ‘Mindfulness’, ‘Mid-Life Crisis’, ‘The Husband’, ‘The Wife’, ‘The Shed’ and the titles above that I just bought for my son’s Godfather (he’s single, works in the music industry and lives in Shoreditch – those 3 subjects basically sum up his life).

IMG_9935 IMG_9939 IMG_9936

The books are hilarious.  Those kind of books that you want to read extracts from to anyone in your near vicinity and every time you turn a page you laugh and say, “oh listen to this one …”!

They would make very good stocking fillers!

They are available in the UK here and in the US here.



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Vanessa in Scotland
December 8, 2015

Mo these are hilarious!!! I looked them up on amazon and am crying with laughter!! I’ve just ordered The Mid-Life Crisis. Thanks for sharing and making my day! xx

December 8, 2015

They are so funny Vanessa – The Hipster one cracks me up so much. I just ordered more for other friends – if you have trouble getting them on Amazon (some of the titles were crackers expensive when I bought them 2nd time round (I think they are in high demand!) I found some in Waterstones too.

December 8, 2015

I picked them up in Sainsburys.,,after giggling over them all with my mum!

December 9, 2015

Omg! Thanks for the TIP!!!

Bethie in London
December 14, 2015

We bought the Hipster one a few weeks ago and love it! I can’t wait to check out the other ones!! xx

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