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Katrina Campbell Family Photography Katrina_Campbell_Photography_4 Katrina Campbell photography katrina_campbell_1 katrina campbell photography
A few weeks ago we spent a lovely Sunday morning with the talented photographer Katrina Campbell, who came from London for the day to photograph our family (and to spend some time in our lovely city, of course).

Katrina told me beforehand not to worry too much about a tidy house, perfectly posing children, well, not to worry too much about anything! And I didn’t, and it was just the perfect state-of-mind for a relaxed photoshoot — my kids were running around, playing, and while I was making coffee, getting Casper dressed and chitchatting with Katrina (who really is such a lovely lady!), she was taking snapshots of our children. (I love that photo of Casper on our window sill in his underwear, with his sweet baby belly and his round little knees!)

katrina campbell photography katrina campbell photography Katrina Campbell Katrina Campbell photography Katrina_Campbell_Photography_5 Katrina_Campbell_Photography_6
We also went for a little walk outside, the kids on their bikes and climbing in trees like normal. Katrina just walked along with us, camera in hand, and took the most beautiful photos. I love how natural they are, and how the character of each child is captured.  On just two occasions, Katrina asked us to quickly pose as a family, because as she said: every family likes to have a nicely posed family photo every now and then. (So true!)

Katrina Campbell photography

What I am most impressed about, are the beautiful portraits Katrina made of the children. Again, so natural, so well done. Pim and Sara both told me that these portraits are the most beautiful photos anyone has ever taken of them!

Katrina_Campbell_Photography_1 Katrina Campbell Photography
But, Katrina’s service doesn’t stop by taking beautiful photos. She will also select some of her favourite shots, and can have those printed on beautiful, matte photo paper. If you’re in England, she can even have them framed for you! (In my case, she sent just the prints and all I had to do is take them to the framer.) What a super fantastic service for a busy parent! I never find the time to select, print and frame photos — how nice that someone does this for you, so it actually gets done for a change, and beautifully so!

Katrina Campbell family portraitsI can highly recommend Katrina Campbell‘s service to you — she really captures families the way they are, with her documentary-style photography. Plus —  she also puts the icing on the cake by selecting, printing and framing those family favourites! If you’re in London this week, you can meet Katrina at the ShopUp where she is one of the sponsors, and she can tell you all about the (fabulous) way she works.

xxx Esther


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December 7, 2015

Absolutely gorgeous, all of them!

December 8, 2015

What beautiful pictures!

calonice de bruis
December 13, 2015

Wonderful photograper , pictures and family !!! ¡ Precioso!

Bethie in London
December 14, 2015

Beautiful family and beautiful photos. <3

January 19, 2016

Wat een prachtige portretten, Esther! *love*

November 25, 2016

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