Maud Fontein’s Happy Holiday Shoot, again at the ShopUp!

Maud Fontein Happy Holidays Shoot 2015

It’s becoming a little ritual, my yearly trip to Maud Fontein‘s studio with my four children. It’s always a bit chaotic, because it needs to be done quickly, in between school pick-up and tennis training. Maud is great at making the kids feel at ease though and always captures them looking so cute, making use of clever little tricks and parental involvement like sitting on the whoopy cushion or throwing confetti in the air.

happy holidays 15 webres-3 Maud Fontein Happy Holidays Shoot 2015

I love the sequence of the yearly shoots (here‘s the one Maud took 2 years ago, and here is last year’s shoot). So cute to see those sweet faces develop!

happy holidays 15 webres-4 Maud Fontein Happy Holidays Shoot 2015 happy holidays 15 webres-7 Maud Fontein Happy Holidays Shoot 2015

This year’s theme with the black background and the confetti is so fun — it brings so much movement to the photos and makes for such a sweet series, with such honest, spontaneous faces.

Maud Fontein Happy Holidays Shoot 2015 happy holidays 15 webres-8

Maud will be at the ShopUp this year again, like the previous three years, so if you’re in London here’s your chance to have cute portraits of your children taken. (Or maybe you already have started a series last year?) She will be set up the full two days, so do bring your sweeties along when you come to our event! (If you would like to reserve a specific time, it’s best to drop Maud an email beforehand.

Maud Fontein Happy Holidays Shoot 2015
xxx Esther


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December 3, 2015

Gorgeous! I can’t wait for ours!!!

December 3, 2015

Amazing kids. Great photos Esther. Wish you all the best


Bethie in London
December 4, 2015

SO cute! I hope I can figure out a way to get Pete and Charlotte to stop by for pictures! x

December 5, 2015

Just the most delightful photographs, what happy memories!!!

Courtney in London
December 5, 2015

Such happy photos of those four cute kiddos!! xx

December 9, 2015

[…] Both kids and grownups can enjoy braids from Ruuby! They have prepared a special braid menu just for us, with styles that are picture perfect for a mini photo shoot with Maud! […]

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