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Momo, by Michael Ende

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Do you remember the first book that you read from cover to cover as a child? My first page turner was a book called Momo and I read it on a long, long car journey across Europe one summer. I remember not wanting the journey to end until the book was finished! It is by German author Michael Ende who is most famous for writing the Neverending Story (another one of those magical page turners).

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I had totally forgotten about this book until I recently found it in my favourite children’s book shop L’Enfant Lyre here in Paris.  Coco, who is nine now, read it this summer and also could not put it down.

The thing is, this book might have been written in the early ’70s, but its subject is more relevant than ever before. A little girl saves her city and its inhabitants from ominous grey men who are stealing everyone’s time – no one has time to play and talk anymore, which is as much a subject now as it was 40 years ago apparently!



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September 25, 2015

My parents loved the book and the story so much they named my twin sister after the character. I never met another girl with the name Momo.

Esther in Amsterdam
September 26, 2015

Thanks for the tip!! Will get it for Sara. (And Fiona, how sweet is that? I love the name Momo!) x

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