Beautiful, handmade jewellery by Blanca Monros Gómez

Blanca Gomez engraved rings

When I was a little girl, my Dutch grandmother gave all her granddaughters a simple gold band for us to wear on our little right-hand ring finger. I wore it for years until my finger grew too big, and I remember being so sad when it no longer fit me. I loved wearing it and loved that my sister and I and all our girl cousins shared this little ring in common.

When my grandmother passed away earlier this year, I tried to think of something I could give my children that would remind them of their great grandmother. It was at this time that I was in NYC (for ShopUp preparations) and discovered Blanca Monros Gómez’s beautiful jewellery in a pretty Brooklyn boutique. Her timeless, heirloom pieces reminded me of the jewellery my grandmother had given us when we were young: nothing fancy or overly conspicuous — just really pretty, simple pieces to be cherished forever.

Marlow wearing Blanca Gomez necklace
marlow and ivy wearing necklaces


Ivy wearing Blanca Gomez necklace

happy Ivy wearing Blanca Gomez

I ended up getting each of the girls a hand-hammered gold band, something to remember their great-grandmother and hopefully keep forever. Blanca, who coincidentally got in touch with me when she saw I was in Brooklyn, very kindly offered to engrave their names into the bands, making the rings that much more special. I then decided that, for now while the girls are still really young, they can wear their rings on a simple gold chain and as they get older they can choose whether to wear the ring on their finger or to keep it on their necklace.

I’m so pleased with how the rings look on their necklaces (it makes me want to do the same with my childhood ring) and I’m so happy that the girls now have these special pieces to continue a family tradition.

Blanca will have a small booth at our ShopUp event in New York next month, so if you’re interested in her beautiful work and happen to be in the NY area, you can pop by to see her pieces in person (September 13th and 14th).

Courtney x


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August 27, 2015


Julie lavin
August 27, 2015

These are lovely, thanks for sharing!m also where are those darling dressed from? Thank you.

August 27, 2015

So pretty and delicate. A lovely gift.
(Also Courtney, please, where is the top dress from?)

August 28, 2015

These are beautiful I can’t wait to see them at the event. The dress is Bonpoint s/s 2015. {I loved that so much I got in YAM for myself!}

Courtney in London
August 28, 2015

Thanks for the nice feedback!
The white dress is from Bonpoint (so pretty, isn’t it?!), and the red dress is by Ace & Jig. xx

August 28, 2015

Thank you!

August 29, 2015

So beautiful and moving thought!
I love the idea, do you know where in Europe you can find simelar jewelry? It’s so hard to find something so unique and simple.

Thank you!

Julie lavin
August 30, 2015

So pretty! Thank you Courtney and enjoy your amazing adventure.

October 8, 2015

My wife and I have a little daughter, and this idea would be so cool for her. My wife loves crafts and making things by hand, and so I figured that she might like the idea of making our daughter something special for her upcoming birthday. I will be sure to pass this blog onto my wife, and hopefully we can make our daughter something special for her to wear. Thanks for sharing this idea with us!

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