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Shakleton’s Journey by William Grill

Skakleton's Journey Cover

I loved this book before I read it – my friend, Clem, had just bought it and I knew I’d love it – she is always right about these things. I flicked through it sitting in her garden and first fell for the illustrations – in a naval palatte of blues, browns, gold and a dotted journey-line of red they were so tender — I was instantly drawn in. Then I came to page 7 – about how many dogs were aboard Endurance (Shakleton’s Ship) drawn more like an infographic (I’m a stats geek with a love of graphic-design so an infographic is my idea of heaven on a page).

Shakleton's Journey inside 1
Shakleton's Journey inside 2

William Grill uses so many illustrative techniques to bring the story of this remarkable adventure alive. On one page we are in a picture book, the next is more like a cartoon built up of lots of small pictures showing scenes from that particular part of the story, then a storyboard page and then we have the pages that feel like they are from a deliciously doodled notebook – it is a truly gorgeous book and it was the perfect introduction to a fascinating story, which I knew very little about. I love it that my kids have got to an age where their learning is teaching me too!

The book is shown here with my late Grandfather’s nautical flags from when he was a leader of the Sea Scouts in the 1960s – they now hang in my son’s room!

Shackleton’s Journey is available from Amazon (US and UK ).

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February 5, 2015

Beautiful. I grew up in a Shakleton-crazed house. Looking forward to adding this to my girls’ collection when they’re older.

February 5, 2015

This book is awesome. We have discussed the amazing Shakleton story with our son and the sad tale of Mrs. Chippy. I’ll definitely pick up this book for him. Thanks for sharing.

February 5, 2015

I ( & my 3 girls) absolutely love this book!! I’ve bought it as a present for so many children (girls, boys, all ages) who have all loved it as well. We love the page with dogs too (and that they all have a name!) William Grill came to my kids primary school earlier this week – so my daughter now has her book signed!!! 🙂

February 6, 2015

This book looks lovely. My dad is particularly interested in Arctic expeditions (there’s no way to not make that sound totally nerdy…) and I love the idea of him reading this with any future children I have!

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