Mabo Kids summer sale


When Mabo Kids announced their summer sale a couple weeks ago, I quickly scooped up a few adorable pieces for the kids, my favourite being this little chambray playsuit for Ivy. So sweet! I snapped a few photos of her earlier this week when we were out at Fort Casey near where my dad lives. I love how summery these photos are — the dried grass, the flower seeds blowing, her blonde wispy hair… and of course the cutest little summer outfit.

There are still some remaining pieces in the Mabo sale, and if you hurry on over you might get lucky with the right sizes, etc.

x Courtney


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August 19, 2014

Ha! I was buying some things from Mabo this morning, got to check-out and was distracted by a child’s demands before actually purchasing. Came back a few hours later and my cart was empty, so went to buy again and half the things in the sizes I wanted had been sold! Now I know why – your shout out!!! Still managed to grab a couple of dresses for two of my girls… Love their stuff!

August 19, 2014

She’s so beautiful! I wish they had that playsuit for adults!

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